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About Us

John A. Costa

( International Agency Creed )

Costa insurance is dedicated to serving clients at the highest professional level. Our staff is available to assist clients as liaison to LONDON INSURANCE MARKET underwriters for all insurance claims. We are available to guide, assemble, file and expedite claims for settlement. All insurance companies adhere to strict procedures during the claim process, frustrating claimants and delaying settlements. We act as an intermediary between claimant and underwriters. This service is invaluable.

Compassionate service in times of illness or injury. Assistance in a claims dispute or even to challenge medical mis-information has become the most valuable asset to our clients. Our liaison service is total, complete and always available to our client’s satisfaction.

John A. Costa

Member Better Business Bureau of West Florida
Member British American Chamber of Commerce

LONDON INSURANCE MARKET provides total freedom to select the doctor and hospital of your choice. All medical expense is met at a full 100% after meeting your chosen deductible. Benefits also include prescription drugs ordered by your physician and all benefits extend worldwide, acknowledging all forms of all medical practices throughout the world.